Life is good at Apple, according to this new study

Second : this is the place obtained by Apple in the ranking of the most attractive companies in the business sector. To arrive at this result, the Universum company interviewed nearly fifty thousand participants from more than three hundred different universities in the United States, during the period extending from October 2021 to April 2022.

We learn there that Google (Alphabet) is at the top of the list, which will come as no surprise to those accustomed to alternative stats offered by Glassdoor. Then come JP Morgan (third), The Walt Disney Company (fourth), Goldman Sachs (fifth), Netflix (sixth), Tesla (seventh), Nike (eighth), Spotify (ninth) and even… Amazon!

A matter of perspective

You guessed it: they are mainly students digital who responded to the survey, because we know that the working conditions are far from the best in the warehouses of Jeff Bezos. Apple, for its part, is defending itself rather well despite recent cases such as the one where an activist denouncing acts of harassment had been thanked.

There is another subject that divides the firm at the apple: that of the telework. Indeed, many employees want to continue to stay at home after it became the norm during the pandemic. But the management does not hear it that way and prefers to see everyone on deck, which tenses some employees to the point of making them leave the ship.

Ranking in other areas

For engineering, Universum places SpaceX at the top of the list, followed in order by car manufacturer Tesla, NASA, aircraft manufacturers Lockheed Martin and Boeing, Apple (sixth, therefore), Google, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman (weapons) and Raytheon Technologies (aerospace). Cupertino is also second in IT, but only eleventh in education and the arts. It is assumed that this place is assigned to it as part of the third-party platforms available on the App Store.

Some of the most sought-after positions at Apple include those of developer and technician in the Apple Store, but the firm is also looking for talent in artificial intelligence and sales. – Official App

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