Liam Gallagher leaves a concert under boos: he reveals the medical reasons, Internet users are ironic

Liam Gallagher apologized on Saturday July 9, 2022 for having cut short his concert the day before at the Beauregard Festival, of which he was one of the guests. The British artist, now 49, had been performing for around 30 minutes in front of more than 28,000 spectators when he abruptly left the stage in the middle of a song, visibly irritated. The public, shocked, did not fail to boo him. He explained himself but has trouble convincing…

My apologies to everyone who came to the Beauregard Festival last night, I was so disappointed to have to cut the set short. I was diagnosed today with laryngitis and the doctors prescribed me rest. Unfortunately, this means that I have to cancel my next concert in Cognac…“, said on Twitter the former singer of the group Oasis. Saying to himself “really sorry“but anxious to pass his”health first“, Liam Gallagher therefore disappointed his fans with this sad news. For its part, the festival took the trouble to explain that the singer’s choice to leave the stage, insulting the management, was entirely his responsibility. “Since Wednesday, John (the nickname of the festival, editor’s note) and his teams have been doing everything possible to welcome festival-goers, partners, teams and of course, artists. We would like to point out that Liam Gallagher has cut short his concert for reasons totally unrelated to the festival“, said the organizers in a press release sent to AFP.

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