Letizia from Spain “devastated”: this family video at the origin of a sacred scandal…

Became queen consort after the abdication of Juan Carlos, Letizia of Spain quickly made a place for herself in the hearts of the Spaniards and within the monarchy. At 50, which she celebrates this Thursday, September 15, the former journalist can be proud of her career given the many difficulties she has faced since her marriage to Felipe VI. One of them dates back to 2018 and was arguably one of the biggest scandals she has ever experienced.

At the time, the whole royal clan gathered in the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca to celebrate the Easter mass, a tradition. At the exit of the office, the photographers do not miss a crumb of this family reunion where, visibly, the tensions are at their height. At least that’s what the pictures show.

The former Queen Sofia takes advantage of being reunited with her two granddaughters, Leonor and Sofia, to have her picture taken with her. Letizia of Spain then seems to intervene to prevent him and reject the hand of his mother-in-law. The rest does not help his affairs. On the forecourt, after a kiss placed on the temple of one of the young girls by the grandmother, Queen Letizia passes her hand over the same place. The assumptions are going well, going so far as to imagine the mother erasing the trace of the kiss.

It did not take more to ignite the Web, suspecting significant tensions between the queen and the mother of Felipe VI. What put Letizia in an annoying position: “I spoke earlier with Queen Letizia, she is worried and rather devastated by this situation. She is very involved in the education of her daughters, the protection of their image, she is careful who takes their picture, she worries about where they come from, who approaches them… It’s a reaction very maternal“said Inma Aguilar, a close friend of the queen. She then continued: “It’s a trifle, it’s not a serious problem, nothing happened. Just a spontaneous gesture. […] She is a very involved person in her work, in her profession, in the role she plays and, as a mother, with her daughters. She feels affected, she is preoccupied and very bruised. Letizia cannot speak or explain herself. It’s an easy target.” A sizeable support for a weakened queen with whom relations with Sofia finally seem to be in good shape!

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