Leonardo DiCaprio very close to Gigi Hadid: this photo that sets the Web on fire!

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to want to quickly recover from his recent breakup with Camila Morrone. The Hollywood star lived with the gorgeous 25-year-old American model for almost five years, but a few days ago the couple announced the end of their beautiful story. Not enough to dampen the morale of the 47-year-old actor who already has his next target in his sights and it is none other than one of the most famous models on the planet, Gigi Hadid. Very recently, we learned that a rapprochement was taking place between them in recent days.

“We’ve seen them hanging out with other people. It’s only been a few weeks since his breakup. Since then, he’s been hanging out with friends and family a lot.”taught us a source, but the echoes were quite contradictory, since others claim that Gigi Hadid is not more interested than that. “They are friends, but she does not want a romance with him at the moment”assures another close friend of the two stars, but after the rumors of rapprochement of the last few days, it seems that all this is confirmed if we believe the latest information and especially the last photo revealed speak DailyMail.

Leo and Gigi very close during a night out in New York

In an exclusive photo posted by the British media, we can see Leonardo DiCaprio chatting with Gigi Hadid and the two stars seem very close. According to information from our colleagues, they were both at a party organized by mutual friends in New York on Monday evening. It is a small event since it is the very first photo of the two together since the rumors of a rapprochement came out in the press.

Things therefore seem to be becoming clearer and following the publication of this photo, a source close to the stars indicated that they were going there quietly. “DiCaprio is not someone who jumps from relationship to relationship. He doesn’t jump on anything that moves. They take their time”specifies the source to the magazine Page Six.

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