Léna, 12, woke up after 3 months in a coma because of a Fraich’Up pizza

Léna, 12, fell into a coma after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with bacteria.

It was the small pleasure that the family regularly treated themselves to: a Fraich’Up pizza from Buitoni. And then everything changed on February 14, 2022 when Léna, 12, and her little sister ate one of them, contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

Four days later, after severe stomach pain, Lena was rushed to hospital by her mother, then her condition gradually deteriorated to coma, recalls La Voix du Nord.

Since then, the teenager was hospitalized in Nancy, in a vegetative state.

The doctors couldn’t tell her parents if she was going to be able to get out of it or stay in this state for the rest of her life. “The neurologists made it clear to us that if someone came to tell us that she would walk again, sing again, as before, it would be a liar. Doctors tell us it’s a fight of a lifetime”had testified his father last April.

All that “because of a 5-ball pizza”.

“She lost the equivalent of 4 years of her life”

And then, suddenly, Léna woke up, she came out of the coma in May. A miracle for her parents who entrusted RMC to even be able to chat with her. “She walks, she talks, she eats again. She came home”, said his father Cédric. The teenager lives in a rehabilitation center during the day and returns home at night.

Certainly, the child has lesions. The E. coli bacteria produced toxins that affected his brain. “She has mental deficiencies, a lot of memory loss”explains Cédric.

“She doesn’t recognize everyone. She lost the equivalent of four years of her life. When we talk to her about her sister, she remembers her, but much smaller. She doesn’t remember what happened last year. She is very, very late. His mental age is between 8 and 10 years old, maximum. »

An investigation was opened by the health center of the Paris prosecutor’s office following the contamination of dozens of children with the E. coli bacterium.

As a reminder, it is on the industrial zone of Caudry, in the Buitoni factory, that the pizzas are produced today suspected of having contaminated dozens of children with the E. coli bacterium. The latest report from Public Health France reports 55 victims linked to the consumption of pizzas, as of April 25, including two children who are believed to have died.


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