Le Nouvelliste | The winners of the first edition of pizza week are known

We would have to go back a few years to see these images again. Dozens of customers, seated, chomping at the bit, waiting for their dishes. Lovers, exchanging a few sweet words, not caring about the looks of others, and sipping a Benedicta before claiming their pizza. These scenes of life, and much more, the journalists of Ticket Magazine observed them from July 1 to 8 as part of Pizza Week. As a media partner, Ticket Magazine surveyed all the 27 participating restaurants and the journalists tasted the 27 pizzas and flavors marketed during the event. And the conclusion is without appeal. The chefs have shown inventiveness, audacity and creativity. Haitian gastronomy has once again proven itself.

The organizers of Pizza week did not fail to express their satisfaction with the success of this first edition. According to Woodley Jean Michel, who was speaking in a closing talk show of the activity, the main objective pursued, namely to boost sales in restaurants, has been achieved. “Some restaurants have recorded turnover comparable to two months of sales. The economic benefits are obvious,” he said. In addition, one of the Style Communication managers praised the fact that the event put the spotlight and valued the creativity of the chefs. “Some restaurants have been brave enough to offer local flavors. We tasted pizzas with flavors of goat, griot, seafood, etc. “, he remarked.

During the Talk show, the organizers and partners revealed the winners of this first edition. Pizza Garden, which had put the “La Bolognese” pizza on sale, won the “Delane” prize from Ticket Magazine. This prize rewards the best promotional campaign on social networks and the best reception in favor of customers. Pizza Garden also won the “Sponsor’s choice” award from La Benedicta, rewarding its campaign for the sale of this beer on social networks and the atmosphere maintained on the networks and in the restaurant. La Bolognese pizza is made with cheese, bolognese sauce, and minced meat.

The “public prize”, which concerns the votes, is shared between 3 restaurants. Marriott’s “Manman men yo” pizza comes in first. This pizza is made of thinly rolled dough, braised goat, mushroom sauce, mozzarella and yellow cheddar, chef’s sauce and baby corn. La Réserve restaurant’s Tropical Fusion pizza comes in second place. This pizza is a mixture of tomato sauce with passion fruit, American cheese and mozzarella, pork griot, smoked turkey sausage, anchovy aioli, mango chutney and arugula. In 3rd position, we find the Foulay de Muncheez pizza. It is a deep pan pizza with homemade spicy Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, homemade fresh tomato sauce and a mixture of cheese.

The organizers have appointed “a mystery taster”, in charge of tasting all the pizzas. Information about the profile this judge has distilled over the days. His identity was revealed during the closing show. This is Soraya Louis, better known on social networks under the surname of Miss Soy. After tasting almost every pizza, she revealed her favourite: Dessalines from Snacky’s restaurant. This pizza is made with goat, mixing olives, traditional pizza dough, Creole goat, cheeses: mozzarella and cheddar, cherry tomatoes and a few young shoots of fresh spinach.

Pizza week was made by Style Communication, the group behind Burger Week and Pate kode week. While waiting to meet you in July next year, the group invites you to meet from September 1 to 7 for the ninth edition of Burger Week.

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