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Laval residents divided over Hawaiian pizza

Hawaiian pizza, made with tomato sauce, ham, cheese but especially pineapple divides the whole world. A recipe that would not have anything Hawaiian since it would be a Canadian invention in 1962. 40% of French people approve of this pizza according to a recent OpinionWay survey for pizza oven company Ooni. 60% think the idea is bad. “It’s a crime” for David, “it’s of no interest” according to Lena.

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Other Laval residents are more measured, some are even very fond of of this sweet and salty mixture like Diane.


It’s the exotic, fruity side, with the flavors of tomato. It’s very good. Each his own !

The manager of the restaurant La Casa del Sole in Laval Christophe Bailleul has a very clear opinion on the question: never ever he won’t put a piece of pineapple on a pizza.

It’s a choice, it’s ethical. Out of respect for Italian tradition, we do not put pineapple on a pizza. That’s how it is, these are old-fashioned principles and we stick to them. We all have principles, we will never have pineapple pizza on the menu, even if sometimes customers ask for it.


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