Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot: photos of their two young sons, proud parents!

It was in 2015 that the eyes of Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot met for the first time. The lovers have not left each other since. They even form a pretty blended family with Manon, 12, the fruit of the story between the former swimmer and Frédérick Bousquet, and two boys, Lou, 5, and his little brother (the first name is not known), 1 year.

Daily life at the Frérot is punctuated by walks in the heart of nature, sports sessions, boat trips, cuddly moments but not only! With a singer dad, Lou and his brother have been immersed in the pools as much as in music from a very young age. Except that in the absence of having set their sights on the backstroke and lengths in the pool, it is for the moment learning music that seems to interest them the most.

In her Instagram story (see slideshow), Laure Manaudou revealed a snapshot of the most endearing of her two sons. Sitting in front of a piano, the young boys slide their little hands over the instrument, to the delight of their mother who took care to immortalize this moment and share it with her subscribers. It is clear that the life of the mother of the Olympic champion finally resembles the melody of happiness.

In March 2021, a few weeks after giving birth to her 3rd child, Laure Manaudou lifted the veil on her post-baby depression: “Thanks to the filters for removing dark circles, the remains of tears, fatigue… The postpartum of a third party is even more difficult. Don’t think it’s easier with other people.

At ParisianLaure Manaudou looked in more detail at her exhausting daily life: “I won’t have four. My job is a housewife! Frankly, I find it harder than a sports career. I did not expect so many upheavals. I’m still waiting for the light bulb that will light up above my head, the day when I will have the illumination of what I want to do with my life.” She continued: “This third child, it was difficult, a lot of fatigue, we are not supported or understood enough. We want to do our best and when we can’t we are lost.” A parenthesis finally closed!

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