Launched three years ago, the Apple Card remains untraceable in France

Three years ago to the day, Apple arrived in an area it did not know at all: the world of finance. With its Apple Card, built in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and the Mastercard company, the Cupertino company came to touch an old dream of the two Steves, the founding fathers of the Apple.

With the launch of the Apple Card, the Cupertino company’s ambitions were very high, perhaps too high. Three years later, the white bank card cannot be found outside of American soil. However, it would have very good arguments to seduce in many countries.

The Apple Card outside the United States, Canada stands ready

The main candidate for the arrival of the Apple Card is the Canadian neighbor. With legislation, banking in particular, quite similar to those known in the United States, the deployment of such a means of payment seems possible in the country of the maple leaf.

Proof of this is that, last year, the Apple bank card was accepted by the regulatory authorities of the Canadian financial markets. It is therefore theoretically possible to use such a card in the country, but Apple has not yet made any announcement on this subject. However, as early as 2019 and the release of the card, Apple boss Tim Cook claimed that the latter was going to be launched in other countries.

At the time he explained that the procedures could take a few months, at most, because the legislation is very different from one country to another, especially on both sides of the Atlantic.

A card that has had some success in the USA

Including features like instant cashback on all purchases, the Apple Card had upon its successful introduction to attract hundreds of thousands of people. If not all have subscribed to the Apple bank card, it is estimated today that 6.4 million Americans have this payment card. – Official App

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