Lapix rejects “any animosity” towards politicians, but “looks for the wolf because it is his role”

MEDIA – She had been rejected by the two presidential candidates for their big debate, but does not blame them. Anne-Sophie Lapix answered questions from theParisian this Saturday, July 11, returning to the presidential period and more particularly to the period between the two rounds.

Asked about the rejection by Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron of her candidacy to lead the debate between the two rounds on France 2, the journalist seems at peace with these events. “I didn’t experience it badly,” she says on a daily basis, explaining that she was not “totally surprised” by the fact that the candidate for the National Rally did not want her for this exercise. .

An “important moment for the candidates”, during which she would not however “have had the same tone” as when she gives her interviews, she underlines. Indeed, the entourage of Marine Le Pen had denounced the attitude of the journalist, who, according to him, “cannot hide his hostility vis-à-vis” the far-right MP.

“No personal animosity towards anyone”

What the interested party denies: “I have no personal animosity towards anyone. When I interview politicians, it’s about their programs, promises, commitments and contradictions. I’m looking for where the problem is, the wolf, because it’s important, interesting and that’s my role”.

“Afterwards, we can more or less appreciate my tone”, she continues, explaining that she tries to “make it more neutral” and “erase the irony and even the smile”, because “at 20 Hours, it does not pass” .

Anne-Sophie Lapix even sees a positive effect in this controversy: “it finally allowed me to have Emmanuel Macron in the 20 Hours the day after the debate. We had been trying to get him since the beginning of the year without success. This time it was done simply”. She also points out that since then the president and Marine Le Pen have returned to the 20 Hours set.

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