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La Talaudière: Pranzo, the “virtual kitchen” of Pizza Cozy

It was during the first confinement that the Pizza Cozy network, based in the Loire at La Talaudière, had the idea of ​​launching its own concept of virtual kitchen. “The number of delivery orders has literally exploded, details the group which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021. To allow our franchisees to make a difference on delivery platforms, we worked on a virtual brand project available on the UberEats platform. No tables, no chairs and no physical point of sale, this dark kitchen offers them a great opportunity to develop their turnover”.

Pranzo is positioned on the Neapolitan portafoglio pizza (a pizza folded in four with a base of mortadella, mozzarella or even truffle cream; Editor’s note). The company points out that this diversification makes it possible to supplement between 5 and 7% of the turnover of the 21 franchisees who distribute it (including four in the Loire), and to capture new customers. In addition to these portafoglio pizzas, the tasting of rotolino (rolled) or classic pizzas, salads, homemade tiramisus or Bacciolata, a dessert made from sticks of pizza dough, spread, icing sugar and hazelnuts, are à la carte.

The Loire group Pizza Cozy (26.4 M€ turnover in 2021) which has seven brands in the Lyon region, including in the Vaise district opened on May 4 and one in Grenoble, announces that it wants to reach 100 points of sale created in France d by the end of 2023.

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