KFC presents its new pizza in a horror movie!

KFC unveils a horror film to promote its new Pollizza in Spain ! This 14-minute short film was produced with the PS21 agency and Nysu. Entitled ” The slaughter “it already has millions of views on social networks!

KFC’s new crustless pizza

In Spain, Colonel Sanders’ fast food restaurant offers a new product. It’s about a pizza. And not just any! It is made from chicken pieces emblematic of KFC. And one of its other peculiarities is that it has no rind. There is therefore something to delight all those who leave these parts aside at the end of the meal! Here, no mess!

Photo credit: YouTube PS21
Photo credit: YouTube PS21

Beyond this atypical menu, so is the way it is advertised! The Spanish agency PS21 and the Spanish filmmaker Nysu imagine an atypical scenario for the promotion of this new product. In a short film 14 minutes, you will discover why you are now advised not to eat the crust of pizzas…

” The slaughter “

A group of five young people go away for the weekend to recharge their batteries in a cabin near a lake. And the group certainly does not expect to have to lose its skin there. As these members arrive at their destination, they wonder what they’ll be able to eat. One of the girls in the gang finds a flyer with a pizzeria number on it. They hadn’t even hung up the phone when the doorbell rang. Of the pizza crusts sow discord within the group.

This short film takes up the essential elements of horror films while abandoning the side ” perfect “ advertising. It even had a double screening at Cinesa Proyecciones at Fuencarral in Madrid on July 7!

Finally, note that the telephone number – visible on the pizza boxes and on the flyer – was active at the time of the screening. This allowed everyone who called during the launch week to win a free product!

Photo credit: YouTube PS21

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