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Kevin Doussan, pizza maker, landed with his food-truck in the village

Since mid-October, you can see a truck on the forecourt of the communal hall, every Thursday and Saturday evening: Kevin Doussan’s pizza truck. After having studied engineering and having worked in the field of pellet stoves, the young man embarked on a new training course on the management of tropical forests with the idea of ​​going to work in the DROM-COM.

But his plans will be upset by confinement. Kevin therefore begins a deep questioning and changes his tune.

A culinary heritage

With a caterer mother, this gastronomy enthusiast then plans to open a pizza truck. When a brewery in his village, Assas, is looking for a pizza maker, he takes the plunge.

He sets up the menu and customer feedback is very encouraging. His signature pizza, the “Burrata di Parma”, even became a best-seller at the establishment. Driven by his desire to open his own truck, Kevin quits his job.

Finally, not finding a vehicle that lived up to his expectations, he joined another pizzeria, Pizza Lillo, in Clapiers. He says : “I improved my know-how with a professional team. It was very enriching. Today, I offer Neapolitan-inspired pizzas, great classics, but also signature pizzas with fairly noble typical ingredients. , such as spianata piccante, a sausage from Calabria or guanciale, a piece of dried meat from the cheeks and jowls of the pig”.

The menu also includes homemade tiramisus and local drinks, including wines from Pic Saint-Loup, craft beers from the Lez brewery and kombucha from Vailhauquès, a sparkling drink made from fermented tea.

Kei D Napoli.

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