Kendji Girac (The Voice) bursts into tears, he is faced with the tragic disappearance of his little niece “I would have liked to see her grow up”

For this eighth edition of “The Voice Kids”, the children had to prove themselves in front of Patrick Fiori, Louane, Julien Doré and Kendji Girac. It must be said that this season, the jurors have all had strong moments with the candidates. Louane even had to leave the set after the incredible performance of a young boy. This time, it’s Kendji Girac who ncouldn’t contain his emotions. He explained the reason.

A soothing voice

During the blind audition on August 27, 2022, a 12-year-old girl came on stage to show off his talent. The young girl who answers to the name of Thaïs had taken over the title “Catering” by singer Olivia Rodrigo.

An interpretation that is not unnoticed in the eyes of Kendji Girac. The voice of the Genevan seduces the interpreter of “Andalusian” as well as Julien Doré. As soon as the performance of Thaïs is over, Kendji Girac gave his opinion to the girl.

His voice so surprised the winner of season 3 of “The Voice” thatshe got all the attention of the coach. According to Kendji, the teenager’s voice was “relaxing and soothing”. The latter would have made him travel.

The singer made it clear to the girl that he wants her in his team “from deep” of his soul. And this, to be able to sing and above all listen to the voice that bewitched him.

Julien Doré shared this feeling of travel. The interpreter of Coco cuddly admits to having been in the same boat and in the same plane as his accomplice. According to her, the sweetness of little Thaïs brought them into a “distant universe”.

Julien Doré added that this trip was good and helped him to recharge his batteries. There is no doubt, the girl caused a sensation with the two coaches.

The emotion of Kendji Girac

Little Thaïs therefore had to choose between joining the team of Julien Doré or that of Kendji Girac. Without hesitation, the pretty brunette chose the interpreter of “Mama’s Eyes”. She had no idea that her choice would have upset the singer.

Kendji Girac knelt down next to Thaïs before hug her. The singer was very moved. The presence of the little girl reminded him of a family drama that no one on the set knew about. Kendji Girac revealed that her first grand-niece had the same first name as the candidate.

“I would have liked to see her grow up and be able to see her sing like that on a set,” he began.

Kendji Girac goes on to say that it made him happy to remember “that little bit of thing”. This explains the reason why the singer spoke to the girl with his heart.

Kendji Girac did not speak more about his great-niece who died. To deduce his reaction, the loss of the little girl had marked her deeply. Back on the chair, Louane asked him if he was okay.

The singer explains that what happened is reminiscent of the little moments in life that happen to everyone. He then explains that it was part of life before adding that “It breaks the heart”. A highlight in this eighth season of “The Voice Kids”.

A particularly moving edition

The singer has already declared to Télé-Loisirs at the start of the season that this edition was moving for him. He explains that the coaches live incredible moments in their chair. Kendji Girac explains that they too stress with children with the desire to love them and welcome them.

“This season, I was particularly moved,” said Eva Alba’s dad.

This eighth season is a second participation for the performer ” To forget “. Something special seems to differentiate his experience in this new edition compared to season 7. He said he has 11 nephews and nieces at home.

He is therefore used to the presence of children around him. Kendji Girac admitted that being a father has awakened a sensitive chord in him that he didn’t have on his first season. He adds that this year he turned on almost all the candidates.

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