Kate Middleton charmed by a baby, William loses patience and causes discomfort…

Kate Middleton and Prince William are on all fronts. On June 23, 2022, the Cambridge couple made a remarkable appearance at Newmarket Racecourse. For a short time, Pippa Middleton’s sister even had fun with a toddler. This last named Norah was accompanied by her mother Marianne Provoost. According to The Mirror, Kate Middleton would have dropped to her interlocutor: ” I love babies “.

In the process, the duchess would have asked her permission to carry her daughter. Via a video revealed by the media, we see Prince William patting his arm. Impatience can be read on his face. ” It’s time to go “, would have slipped the main interested party to his wife. On the Web, many Internet users reacted to the extract: “Wow he looks nervous William right now. What’s happening to him ? “, “Poor Kate, we see that it is he who leads the dance”, “William does not look comfortable…”.

“William screams, Charles takes it…”

Many tabloids have repeatedly stressed that it is better to avoid upsetting the heir to the throne. If he seems calm and courteous in public, in reality, the latter would have a very strong character. “He’s a sanguine person, who can explode at any time, especially when he’s upset or when his family is under fire”said Robert Johnson, author of William at 40: The making of a modern monarch as pointed out Gala.

The grandson of Elizabeth II would not always be tender with his relatives. Quite the contrary! His spats with his father would be worth the detour. “ These are crises to shake the walls, William screams, Charles takes it, without saying a word “, says Robert Lacey in his book Battle of Brothers. Only Kate Middleton would manage to calm her husband in times of crisis. Phew!


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