Karima Charni separated from a famous animator … who has found love again!

In September 2010, Karima Charni formalized her relationship with Cartman during the preview ofArthur, the war of the two worlds by Luc Besson. First friends, the comedian and the host had in the past founded their own production company Smoker Productions in 2008. Unfortunately, their story ends in 2013. Despite everything remained on good terms, Nicolas-Bonaventure Ciattoni, known as Cartman, had mentioned his ex for whom he still feels a lot of affection in the columns of Audience. “She is like my sister! He’s someone I’ve been close to for a long time. I’m happy in my personal life, but it’s not with her.” he confided.

Interviewed by Purepeoplethe former candidate of the star Academy had lifted the veil on her private life in September 2020 and revealed that she had not yet found the man of her life. “Right now if I’m not exposing anyone it’s becausethere is nobody (…) In fact I had many long relationships in my life, I had 10 years, 4 years, 3 years so at some point I can’t have a plethora of boyfriends either.” she revealed.

For his part, Cartman has met the rare pearl and spins the perfect love with his wife Aurélia Crebessegues. The comedian revealed on the airwaves alongside Cauet had explained the reasons which had made him fall madly in love with his darling to the journalists of Gala. Totally depressed when they met in 2012, the young woman had supported him and helped him get his head out of the water, he who no longer believed in anything and especially more in him. “I thought I wouldn’t make it, I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to pay my rent he explained.

Don’t worry…

Comforting, Aurélia then said words that remained engraved forever in Cartman’s memory: “Don’t worry, I feel like something good is gonna happen, I promise“. She was right since a few weeks later, Cartman embodied the cult character of Patrick Sébastien, Sébastien Patoche and then released the tube When he farts he pierces his underpants.

Aurélia ticks all the boxes: she is an actress, and I have always admired artists, she is spontaneous and enthusiastic, cultured and curious” added Cartman, who also intends to offer him a role in the next film by Amanda Sthers, of which he is a screenwriter. “She’s a great actress and I want to be surrounded by my bodyguard for my first film” he said, very grateful.

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