Kaaris targeted by an investigation after the complaint of his ex-companion for aggravated voluntary violence

The Evry prosecution is opening investigations into the Sevran rapper accused of having kicked and punched Linda. P. And for pulling out his fingernails. A “slanderous denunciation” according to the lawyer of Booba’s rival.

A preliminary investigation targeting rapper Kaaris was opened on Friday, after a complaint for aggravated willful violence filed by his ex-girlfriend, the Evry prosecution told AFP, confirming information from the newspaper. The Parisian . The rapper’s lawyers, Mes Yassine Maharsi and Yassine Yakouti, assured AFP that their client was “peaceful and serene” in the face of “imaginary and opportunistic accusations that can be swept away by a backhand investigation”. “It’s the story of a jealous woman who needs to exist”they tackled.


The prosecution told AFP that it had not yet “qualified the facts”recalling that it is up to the investigation to “verify the elements that exist and to act on them or not”. Linda P., who has a child with Kaaris, denounces facts dating from January 19, 2021. In her complaint filed on July 7 and consulted by AFP, she reports a “avoidance behavior” suddenly and without explanation from Kaaris, causing a “deep trauma” in their child. Faced with this unexplained absence, she would have tried “to reconnect” with Kaaris, said one of his advisers Me Adrien Gabeaud, and would have discovered that the rapper had acquired “a new residence” in Linas (Essonne) south of Paris.

She is going there on January 19, 2021 and “found in bed” Kaaris, with another woman, continues her counsel, who defends her alongside Me Sema Akman. There, Kaaris is accused of having assaulted Linda P. in the garage of her house, kicking and punching her while tearing out her nails, denounces the complaint, which specifies that Linda P. needed “crutches and a support boot for two weeks”. The complaint also targets the woman with whom Kaaris was on the day of the alleged assault, Marion P., for failure to assist a person in danger.

Linda P. filed a handrail on February 17, 2021, “hesitating to file a complaint because of a number of pressures from Kaaris and his entourage”, assures Me Gabeaud. On July 7, 2022, she finally filed a complaint, believing that “enough is enough”, said his lawyer. The rapper from Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), currently 40 years old and who has known success with the release of his album Black gold in 2013, was sentenced in October 2018 to an 18-month suspended prison sentence for a fight that pitted him against his rival Booba at Orly airport.


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