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Justice: nine cases before the assizes for the last session of the year

The third sitting session of the year will begin next Thursday and end on November 25. It provides for sixteen days of hearing to judge three blood crimes and five procedures of a sexual nature which will take place behind closed doors. The Pérès-Martinez affair will be examined on appeal, and the David affair will find its judicial epilogue.

November 3 and 4: rape of 15-year-old girls

Bourail, from 1988 to 1999 – Two sisters are victims of their mother’s partner. The first bears witness, triggering the reporting of the second. She was raped when she was 9 years old. Getting pregnant, she gives birth to a child: the paternity test reveals that her stepfather is the parent. He denies the facts. He faces 20 years in prison.

November 7 and 8: murder by a person who is or has been a spouse or cohabitant

Vallée-des-colons, Nouméa, November 2018 – A husband kills his wife with a knife to the heart. The man, for whom this is his third marriage, categorically refuses to allow his wife to bring her daughter from Vietnam. She announces her desire to leave him. He incurs life imprisonment since it is an “aggravated” murder, of a spouse or partner.

November 9: rape of a vulnerable person

Nouméa, November 2019 – A 17-year-old minor is about to steal from a disabled woman in her sixties. He observes her as she goes to the bathroom in the yard and sexually touches her. “The victim having refused the disqualification in sexual assault, it is judged by the court of assizes“, explains Christian Pasta, the general counsel. The accused faces 20 years of criminal imprisonment.

November 10 and 11: rape of a minor

Tribu de Ny, Bourail, from 2017 to 2018 – A young victim describes the sexual acts that a cousin forced on her. He admitted the facts and faces 20 years of criminal imprisonment.

November 14 and 15: rape

Tribu de Saint-Louis, Mont-Dore, October 2018 – The accused speaks of consensual sexual intercourse, a version that the victim does not share. Known to justice for acts of violence, the man is on the run. He faces 15 years in prison.

November 16: Rape of a 15-year-old minor

Bourail and Nouméa, 2007 to 2011 – The little girl was 7 years old when her stepfather started abusing her. The defendant denies the facts, “but testimonies accredit the statements of the victim“, according to Advocate General Christian Pasta. He faces 20 years of criminal imprisonment.

November 17: Murder

La Foa, January 2020 – A drunken man kills his son with a gunshot at close range. “He has no motive other than futile arguments and his alcoholism at the time of the events.“, for Christian Pasta, the Advocate General.

November 18: repeat robbery, kidnapping and forcible confinement

Between Noumea and Mont-Dore, May 2018 – A group of men invade David’s vehicle, sequester him and subject him to numerous abuses. Last judicial part of this case judged in 2020, then on appeal in 2021, where two defendants had seen their sentences increased. This defendant will appear before three professional magistrates for facts of a correctional nature. The psychiatric analysis will finally put an end to this sordid affair. He faces 20 years in prison because there is recidivism.

November 21 to 25: assassination (appeal)

The appeal in the Pérès-Martinez case will close this third session of the assizes of the year. The former doctor had been found guilty of the assassination of Eric Martinez at first instance last March, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Three lawyers will make the trip from France: two for the defense, one for the civil parties. The attempts of Olivier Pérès’ counsel failed: the change of scenery of the appeal trial and the request for release for unworthy conditions at the East Camp. The prisoner was changed cell. From three fellow prisoners in 9 m², he now lives with two fellow prisoners in 11 m². A new request for classic release will be considered on Tuesday.

“He faces life imprisonment.confirms Christian Pasta, the Advocate General. The appeal makes it possible to re-examine the entire procedure, as if nothing had happened. New witnesses may be cited, we will debate again in front of the experts, request and plead as the first time.”

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