Just Riadh and Abdallah Charki abandon the adventure

They preferred to give up rather than send another pair to a final duel. Wednesday evening, at the end of a new stage in “Beijing Express, shocking duos”, Just Riadh and his best friend Abdallah Charki made a heavy decision for their adventure. Faced with Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs, and Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Valentin Léonard, the pair chose not to choose.

“Riadh and I are going to leave. It’s too complicated to choose between you two”, finally announced Abdallah Charki, thus renouncing to participate in the final duel. Unable to face one of the two duos, the friends preferred to sacrifice themselves and abandon the competition.

In an interview with Tele-Leisure, Just Riadh’s teammate explained the decision. “We couldn’t see ourselves giving up at the start! We were even ready to redo a final duel, he said. But when we realized that it would be either against Inès and Anaïs, or against Rachel and Valentin, we no longer wanted to. Theo’s departure [Curin] had already destroyed me, so it was over. Impossible for us to select one of the two teams when everyone had fought. I couldn’t look at myself in a mirror. In truth, we would have preferred to choose Valérie [Trierweiler] and Karine, but they came in first and were untouchable. »

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