Julien Doré leaves a shoot for “personal reasons”, explanations…

It’s go again ! The Voice Kids is making a comeback on TF1 this Saturday, August 20, 2022. And for the eighth season of tele-hook, the production has made some changes. Among the coaches, we will no longer find Soprano and Jennifer who gave up their chairs after the last season. To replace them, Julien Doré and Louane were chosen. The latter thus join Patrick Fiori, who signs his seventh season with the children, and Kendji Girac, already present in 2020.

Julien Doré and Louane were probably not recruited by chance, they who come from musical competitions. Esme’s mother was just participating in The Voice when she was 16, reaching the semi-final. As for the singer, he was revealed in New star in 2007, where he finished victorious. It is therefore a great honor for them to find themselves in the place of the judges, after having each built a fine career. “I knew I was going to feel good in this place, without asking myself questions of legitimacy“, considered Julien Doré during an interview for TV 7 Days.

That’s not to say, however, that filming was an easy one. On the contrary, the interpreter of kiki even found himself overwhelmed with emotion to the point of having to leave the set. “A moment overwhelmed me: the interpretation of a song that I did not know at the time, And bam, from Mentissa. I lost my footing for a lot of personal reasons. I was paralyzed and had to interrupt filming. Long minutes were necessary for me to evacuate all this“, he reported to our colleagues.

His comrade Louane knows what he is talking about, and for good reason, she also delayed the filming somewhat. “At first, I wasn’t laughing, there were times when I ended up in tears and had to leave the set because I couldn’t manage my emotions.“, she admitted in an interview for The Parisian. And to add:When I sat in the chair, I searched for my legitimacy for a good day (laughs)“.

This new season of The Voice Kids therefore promises to be remarkable. This is what you will have to discover over the episodes!

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