Julie Ricci just separated from her husband and immersed in the aftermath: new life started, she tells…

However, she came back a little more on this separation this Monday, on her Instagram story: “Who says separation says two different houses“, she explained with a smile, explaining that this problem was on the way to being solved: “I have normally found a home hopefully in september i should sign“, she said, explaining that she is now taking care of a new project: the decoration!

I look at everything that is decorative, etc… For a living room, a terrace, to redo the decor of the future house a little“, she explains to her subscribers, before calling on brands to set up partnerships with her. Even in the midst of separation, the young woman, still dynamic, is not the type to put business aside.

Besides, she gave a little more detail on how the couple had managed the separation with their two sons. “I try to stay cool, to be relaxed, It’s tricky especially for the little ones., we try to talk to them about it. Giovann he understands but he can’t answer us but we try to explain to Gianni, to familiarize him with the situation. I want to do it all over again, to start from scratchfrom September October it will change a lot“, she concludes, recalling that a project is underway for her.

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