Juillan. Della Casa pizzeria rises from its ashes

In November 2019, a fire destroyed the Della Casa pizzeria, destroying ten years of hard work and the sweet dreams of Eddy and Muriel Lacaze-Rusques. After a period of collapse, they were able to react and bounce back by taking over the Aqui Pizza business in Lourdes in March 2020, while waiting for work to be carried out on Juillan.

It took three years to overcome the expertise and multiple procedures generating weariness, anger and disillusion. “The five insurance experts were not looking for a cause, they were looking for a culprit. You had to see them taking samples from jars to check if it was an accidental or deliberate fire! The gendarmerie experts cleared me of any suspicion after defining a hot spot as the fire starting the next morning ruling out foul play. They told me about the new meter recently installed in the dining room and located next to the bar, and that could be the cause of the fire”.

The insurances did not give him a gift: he paid until the end of December, until the termination of his contract, and he needed the help of a lawyer and a legal representative to obtain this termination. You should know that Eddy and Muriel have two insurances: that of the pizzeria and that of the co-ownership because the pizzeria is part of a co-ownership. “The two insurance companies agreed that one would take over the file and the other would assist it. A lawyer noted a malfunction on the part of the insurance companies in the management of the file between the pizzeria and the co-ownership.”

Eddy does not hide his bitterness and disgust at such a waste of time. Added the Covid… It was complicated to hold meetings of experts and expertise.

Work time

Of positive temperament, he prefers to turn to the work which began on July 26, 2022. “We have finally started the windproof and rainproof work for the two roofs and the masonry. loyal customers. We will be able to communicate in time for the reopening.” This article will make it possible to inform the population of the village and the surroundings who are still wondering to this day about this disaster, and to correct the information.

“We would first like to thank Jean-Paul from the co-ownership for his patience, his kindness and his understanding, because he made things more bearable for us. Thank you also to the Country Club of Juillan whose solidarity warmed our hearts : they have helped us a lot. Thanks also to Stéphane Neves, municipal councilor since last year, for the initiative of opening an online kitty to help us, us and our children. And thanks to all those who have made their contribution. I would also like to thank my family for their unfailing support as well as my mother-in-law Marie-Yolaine for her boundless dedication and without whom I would not have been able to bounce back so quickly professionally in Lourdes.”

We salute the courage and pugnacity of this man who, beyond his talents as a pizza maker, knew how to react in the face of adversity.

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