Judith Chemla victim of domestic violence: implicated, Yohan Manca responds to her on Instagram

A post that he begins with the recognized facts, for which he was sentenced to 8 months in prison suspended. “On July 3, 2021, in front of the Rond-Point theatre, during a serious argument, I threw a phone at the mother of my child. When I saw that the phone had hurt her face, I was ashamed instantly and I am still ashamed today. I never exercised physical violence on Judith, nor on other women, it was the only time and the time too many“, he continues.

But according to him the dispute had started with the infidelity of his companion at the time. “I had learned that day by reading messages that my partner, the mother of my first child and who was expecting a second, had betrayed me with another man. The infidelity would have hurt me, but the doubt of not being the father of the child she was carrying made me lose control and have this unforgivable gesture“, he writes, then specifying that he did not “want” to evoke the context before she does.

An argument immediately denied by Judith Chemla, who published in her Instagram story a message stating that she had fallen in love with someone else without infidelity, while Yohan Manca would have cheated on her for two years. Many Internet users also reacted, arguing that putting the blame on the back of his victim was not very elegant on his part.

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