Jordan Tomas duplicates his franchise revenue

When Jordan Tomas got into takeout pizza, it was kind of by default; with 20,000 euros in contribution, he could not claim, in fact, to fulfill his dream: to buy a traditional restaurant. So the young cook, a graduate of additional bakery training, and his wife Julie decided to take over the take-out pizzeria “Mamamia”, which was quick to stand out in the Lyon area.

We are in 2007, the young cook, who has made his mark in traditional catering in France and abroad, improvises as a pizza maker, takes a liking to pizza and very quickly detects its “extraordinary” potential.

Champion of France

Competitor at heart, he wants to gauge himself, and participates, from 2009, in the French pizza championship, finishes 3e before being vice-champion of France the following year, then champion of France of pizza In Teglia in 2011, etc….

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