Jonatan Cerrada talks about her husband and explains why he refuses to reveal his identity

Whether TF1 broadcast a new episode of Good Singerswith notably Miss France, Diane Leyre, and Booder, Friday August 19, TFX offered viewers They have known glory: what has become of them?

In this program presented by Karine Ferri, several familiar faces, who were on the front of the stage before falling back into anonymity, agreed to indulge in their new life, far from the cameras. In particular Babsie Steger, the extraterrestrial blonde of ‘Salut les Muscles’, Sophie Favier, host of the cult show Hello it’s usDominique Damien, the emblematic coach of Model Generationsseen in Angels on NRJ 12. But also Sheila O’Connor aka the unforgettable Pénélope, Sophie Marceau’s best friend in the film The party.Not forgetting Jonatan Cerrada! The first winner of the first season of the New star in 2003 was promised a great career like other names that the show has propelled, namely Amel Bent, Julien Doré or Christophe Willem. But the Belgian decided to leave the light to lead a more peaceful and quiet life. The 30-year-old is now the father of a two-year-old boy, named Milo. I like to keep my little secret garden

“It changes the priorities, it changes you as a person because you lose a kind of carelessness because you are all the same shattered for him all the time, and an inexhaustible, daily source of happiness”, he said in front of the cameras of the chain. However, there is no question for him of lifting the veil on the man who shares his life. “I think I’ve already been exposed so much, I’ve already given so much, especially during the New Star…”explained the interpreter of I wanted to tell you that I’m waiting for you who wishes to preserve it as well as his family. “He’s not on Instagram so I’m not going to put pictures of him. It’s on a case-by-case basis, but it’s true that I like to keep my little secret garden, my private life (…) We are two boys so a priori there are not 36,000 ways to become a dad but I think it is his story too, he will tell it if he wants to tell it”.

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Etienne-Hadrien Feyrandrier

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