Jérôme and Lucile (Love is in the meadow): their daughter Capucine has grown up well, adorable photos

Jerôme and Lucile, whose wedding is fast approaching, have never shown their daughter’s face. But on this new photo we already see a lot since the little girl is standing in profile. What her parents had deigned to reveal was that she is redhead. A statement made several months ago and as we can see she looks quite blond now.

This cute publication of Capucine has in any case melted the subscribers of the couple who initially believed that it was the baptism of the little girl. To avoid any misunderstanding, Jérôme and Lucile took care to deny in the comments.

If the baptism of Capucine is obviously not relevant, the marriage of Jérôme and Lucile yes. We still don’t know when it will take place but everything seems practically ready, which suggests that the date is very close. Another project of the couple, to have another child. “This is our dearest wish for her. (…) Nothing planned before the wedding“, let know a few days ago the mother to her subscribers.

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