Jean-Paul Césaire, a great name in Martinican culture, has died

The world of culture deplores the death of Jean-Paul Césaire, (one of the poet’s sons), former director of Sermac, first director of the Atrium (from 1998 to 2006). He died in a retirement home in Schoelcher.

Jean-Paul Césaire (83), was one of Aimé Césaire’s six children.
He was a director of SERMAC, the municipal service of Cultural Action. An institution created by his illustrious father in 1976. Passionate about cinema, he was also responsible for the first audiovisual workshop.

Jean Paul Césaire has also made a few films including “Dérives” or “la femme-jardin”, one of the first feature films from French overseas territories… This is a work inspired by the poet’s short story Haitian René Depestre, “Hallelujah for a Garden Woman” in 1977.

Documentaries that marked, as “out of foreign days” in 1979 on life in Martinique 30 years after the law of departmentalization, or even “a day of Eugène Mona”, in 1987.

Jean Paul Césaire is therefore the SERMAC, but also the Atrium, this great cultural space, the cultural center of the territory that he will direct from 1998 to 2006.

A jack of all trades who marked the cultural history of our country by being at the head of two large structures from their very beginning.

Jean-Paul Césaire is no more.…Eia.

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