Jean-Paul Belmondo: This famous ex who ended up disfigured and in misery…

According The world who also painted an unflattering portrait of the actress: “in 1991, the carabinieri discovered 24 grams of cocaine in his villa in Cerveteri (Lazio). She was sentenced to three and a half years in prison but to be served at home where she was assigned, before being cleared on appeal six years later. The Malizia 2000 project pushes her to undertake a cosmetic surgery treatment that disfigures her.”

For this role, she had indeed had recourse to collagen injections which had completely disfigured her because she had proved to be allergic to this substance. The actress who starred in the movies My wife is a violin, Obsessed in spite of himself, Without apparent motive, The Married of Year II then filed a lawsuit against the production that lasted for years. She had finally won 110,000 euros in compensation but had never won film contracts again.

Died on June 22, 2015 in Ladispoli (province of Rome), the actress suffered a heart attack. She was buried in the city cemetery.

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