Jean-Luc Reichmann annoyed by Zette, he reframes her in the “12 noon shots”

They have shared lunch with the French for many years now. But this does not mean that this prevents them from taking each other’s beak. “They” are none other than Jean-Luc Reichmann and Zette, the mysterious voice of 12 strokes of noon. It was not until July 2 that the famous “voice” revealed its face, in the documentary dedicated to the host, Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destinybroadcast on TF1. For the occasion, she told the backstage of her meeting with the presenter.

“At that time, Jean-Luc was everywhere at once. With his motorcycle, he crisscrossed all of Paris. He did not end up at the Guignols de l’info for nothing. He has 1,000 votes to his credit, c is a chameleonshe revealed at first before praising the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre: “The beautiful voice, the musicality, the actor… He had all the gear to make it work. He gave himself the means. He’s someone who doesn’t let go. When we talk about the minds of champions, I think he has that Jean-Luc”.

Do not eat while filming

So it’s no wonder that their collaboration has worked for so many years. And there is no doubt that Zette must smile behind her screen when candidates make Jean-Luc Reichmann and viewers die of laughter during their participation. Proof of this is with Aurore who struggled to remember the first name of… her husband. The young woman defended herself by explaining that the candidate at her side was also called Vincent that this situation had troubled her.

On the other hand, this Tuesday, July 19, Jean-Luc Reichmann dropped the smile, or almost, after being disturbed by the famous voice of the 12 strokes of noon. “Are you eating something or not?”he said, apparently “annoyed” by the noise he heard in the background, before Zette replied in the affirmative: “Yes, a little croc-croc”. “But wait, you can hear it, there’s something that sticks to your teeth”, he resumed then. In the host’s Instagram post, he captioned the sequence with a lot of irony without forgetting to note his “rudeness”: “Zette is Goaler with his mouth full in the middle of a show and it’s very rude… BOUUUUUUh”.

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