“It’s over”: Florent Pagny makes a sad statement: “Die with a smile”

For several months now, Florent Pagny has been close to death. And for good reason, the singer is currently the victim of lung cancer. Fortunately, the latest news about him is reassuring. However, even though his health seems to be improving, he already has his own vision of when his time will come.

Back to the terrible announcement

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Florent Pagny is unquestionably one of the biggest names in French song. Much appreciated for his talent and his frankness, he surprised and moved many people following the announcement of his illness.

Remember, it was on his Instagram account, on January 22, 2022, that the native of Châlon-sur-Saône shared the terrible news with his admirers. Indeed, in a video, the singer declares that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

And unfortunately, the latter is not operable. Following this heavy diagnosis, Florent was also in regret to cancel his tour of the 60s; an event that many of his fans were surely looking forward to.

“My only fantasy… going out with a smile”

Of course, the latter know that the health of their idol is a priority. And since the interpreter of “My freedom to think” has publicly revealed his cancer, there is no doubt that they are very worried about him. Especially since this disease kills millions of people each year in the world.

Moreover, speaking of death, Florent Pagny has already imagined his own. In 2019, on the occasion of the release of his song “After us”, he spoke in the columns of France Bleu and had spoken of his last day on earth. In his words:

“I don’t really think about it. It’s the only certainty (note death) that we can have, so let’s try to make it happen as best as possible. My only fantasy would be to live old, without being sick, and to die with a smile… To have me lit at the stake! Because where I live, they won’t bury me: I’ll go up in smoke and it will look like me! »

Very well surrounded

In any case, for Florent Pagny, the battle is big but in no case, he faces it alone. Very well surrounded, the sexagenarian can count on the unwavering support of his public, but also and above all of his relatives, including his wife and two children. In his misfortune, the coach of “The Voice” is lucky to be close to his family.

Moreover, a few months ago, it was with his family that he was seen at Mont Saint Michel, as evidenced by a photo taken by Aël. And family moments, the one who won the last season of the famous TF1 telecrochet intends to live others. Faced with his friend Nikos Aliagas during an interview with Gala, he notably declared:

“After The Voice, I continue with my last chemotherapy, and after that, it’s over! I’m going to fix myself, enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance. I will check regularly during these six months of break. »

But let the fans be reassured, Florent Pagny will not definitely leave the front of the stage.

“Then I’ll be back,” he added afterwards.

How is he now?

Like many cancer patients, Florent Pagny has changed physically. For the past few months, it has been with a completely bald head that Slimane’s former mentor has appeared publicly. A situation that seems to amuse him.

“There, it’s not even a cup anymore. (…) But it’s okay, it doesn’t prevent us from staying in shape and still having a good face, ”he said with humor.

It must be said that the darling of Azucena Caamaño has always wanted to be reassuring about his condition from the start. Regarding the evolution of his health, it would seem that the father of the family is gradually advancing on the road to recovery. The last I heard, his tumor has shrunk a lot.

“As big as a kiwi, she turned into a nut from the first two chemos,” he said.

So let’s wish him a speedy recovery and strongly his big return on stage.

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