“It’s difficult”: Benjamin Biolay, father deprived of his 3-year-old daughter who lives in Argentina, he wants her to move

Benjamin Biolay is the proud father of two children. Precisely two girls, Anna (19 years old, born of her past history with Chiara Mastroianni) and a little one whose first name is still kept secret (3 years old, whose mother’s identity we do not know). Asked by Paris Matchhe did not hide that the distance that separates him from the youngest, who lives in Argentina, is particularly hard to bear.

It’s difficult. We’ll see how life goes. Especially since Argentina is not in a good state. Inevitably, I would like her to grow up in France, because it is also at home“, confides Benjamin Biolay, who had previously mentioned in the pages of the same magazine the fact that he had an apartment in Buenos Aires and that he spent there”one third of the year“. But, in the meantime, the coronavirus pandemic has turned everything upside down… Thus, he despairs of seeing his daughter again. “I still haven’t been able to return to Argentina – where she is growing up – due to the health crisis“, he assures. For several months, however, Argentina has reopened its borders to international travelers and, since April 2022, simplified measures have even been put in place to enter the territory: you must complete and complete a form 48 hours in advance declaring the absence of symptoms and presenting a certificate of medical assistance insurance.

She has her world

Far from his daughter, Benjamin Biolay, however, has news of her regularly. “I feel she is a musician (…) I’m going to put her on music theory as soon as she arrives in France (…) She’s a little girl who doesn’t touch a screen, without anyone needing to forbid her anything. She has her world, she prefers drawing, music. She is at the French high school in Buenos Aires“, he detailed not without pride. As for his eldest, Anna, after a few castings for the cinema, she turned to music in her turn. “She sings better and better, she starts scratching texts, I’m not going to put pressure on her“, he says, adding that he regrets not having registered her younger in music theory. A mistake that he therefore intends to repair with his younger sister.

The confidences of Benjamin Biolay are to be found in Paris MatchAugust 25, 2022 edition.

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