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It was a solidarity pasta party this Friday in Gruissan

As soon as you enter the Palais des Congrès, the tone is set: the guests of the giant pasta party were received as VIPs by a guard of honour.

Sporting a pretty gray-blue kitchen apron personalized by the young people of the MJC, some members of the children’s municipal council framed the “guests” welcoming them while others guided them to the large hall: “Do you have friends to join? You can sit wherever you want, except at the reserved tables. We wish you a great evening.“Laurette Lignon, deputy delegate for solidarity and living well together, recalls the objective of solidarity of this meal in which more than 200 people will participate:” Thank you to all those who contributed to making this evening a success, agents of the municipal center for social action (CCAS) and of the child-youth service, MJC, Home listening and support (AES), the Soleilhas, the merchants “.

From the aperitif, Mallaury set the mood in songs on the stage where she invited Nina, Emmanuel’s student at the music school. Volunteers from the Social Works Committee (COS) were busy at the drinks counter and the children offered crisps. Starter and pasta were then served by the children, very professional, gloves and tongs in hand. At the foot of the stage, three very young girls then interpreted a short piece of their composition, castigating segregation and advocating solidarity and sharing.

Serious and conscientious, the children moved from table to table to make sure that nothing was missing, to offer the tickets for the tombola organized by AES and to offer the dessert which could be topped up at the MJC pancake stand.

Bella Ciao

To close the meal, Charlie, children’s mayor, surrounded by his deputies, improvised a speech of thanks quite worthy of his function. Before the Motionless started the dance party with the traditional Madison, and Alix, a student of Luis at the MJC, played the partisan anthem on guitar Bella Ciao. In all areas, succession is well and truly assured! Keltoum Chalkha and Cathy Boupies, who supervised the children, also confirmed: “They have fully invested in the project, with rigor and consistency. Their theatrical performance and the speech of the mayor are initiatives that we absolutely did not expect.

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