It looks like Apple isn’t adjusting the iPhone 14 controls

The secrecy surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is fueling all sorts of rumors, including a recent report that the company has actually reduced orders for the next-gen smartphone.

While on some level the report makes sense, claiming that Apple has reduced its iPhone 14 orders from partner TSMC by 10%, it seems that is not necessarily the case.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the information is most likely inaccurate for several reasons, including small tweaks that usually happen before Apple begins mass production of a new generation iPhone.

In other words, Apple still expects the iPhone 14 to sell like hot cakesand the company is therefore preparing for this big moment by keeping its orders at the same level as before.

The rumor that TSMC has reduced its iPhone 14 orders by 10% does not correspond to my investigation. I am currently maintaining my iPhone 14 shipment forecast for H2 22 of around 100 million and 90 million units respectively for components and EMSsays Kuo. “Apple’s slight adjustments to iPhone shipment forecasts (single-digit increase/decrease) are common, especially for new models before mass production“. “Apple usually does not drastically change new iPhone shipment forecasts (double-digit increase/decrease) before launching new models and confirming actual market demand/return. If a supply chain issue causes a major change in the shipping plan for new iPhones before mass production, Apple typically postpones orders instead of canceling them. The above also applies to other Apple products“.

See you in September

The new generation of iPhone is expected in September, sales to start later the same month or early October for some specific models.

This means production of the iPhone 14 should begin within weeks, especially as Apple wants to secure the inventory needed for a soft launch. The company plans to bring all iPhone models to market at the same time, without any delays.

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