it is finally possible to become a professional pizza taster

Do you love Italian cuisine but hate cooking? We have found the perfect job for you. After the “Chief Thirst Officer” of Hydrant, or the “Chief Biscuit Officer” of Red Lobster, you can now become “Chief Pizza Officer”.

On the occasion of Pizza Day, celebrated on February 9, Yelp saw things big. The online review site is looking for their very first pizza manager, a kind of supreme authority who will cover all the news around pizza.

The “Chief Pizza Officer”, or CPO of his little name, will be responsible for sharing the latest pizza trends with users of Yelp : new restaurants and new recipes, from deep dish typical Detroit skillet-baked pizza. Aspirants to this dream job will be judged according to their attraction to local businesses, their knowledge of geography, but also their sense of pride in Italian gastronomy. They must also have already had experience as a social media manager.

CPO 4 cheeses

The future CPO will have the status of an independent worker for the duration of the position, in other words: six months. Yelp requires the CPO to publish at least one blog post and three pizzeria video presentations per month, for the modest sum of $25,000 (just over 21,000 euros). Only drawback: all expenses incurred in the course of his work will be deducted from his salary.

To apply, applicants will need to submit a 30-60 second video and complete an application here. Applications are open from today and are open until February 28. The famous CPO will be appointed on March 15.

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