It heats up for the temperature sensor of the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 should be able to tell the user if they have a fever. The future range that Apple will most likely unveil at the start of the school year will indeed include a temperature sensor, according to Mark Gurman. The connected watch might not display a number of degrees as with a traditional thermometer, but the device would warn when the temperature seems too high. And to recommend consulting a doctor or using a “real” thermometer.

The Apple Watch Series 6.

In his weekly newsletter, the nosy Bloomberg explains that Apple would have given the green light to this function expected for one or two generations of Apple Watch. At the beginning of May, Ming-Chi Kuo had heard the same thing while being cautious.

Ming-Chi Kuo: the body temperature sensor possibly in the

Ming-Chi Kuo: the body temperature sensor possibly in the Apple Watch Series 8

It is therefore necessary to believe that the internal tests of the function ended up being satisfactory. This sensor would find its place in the Series 8, as well as in the hypothetical “hardened” version intended for extreme athletes. The second generation Apple Watch SE would be deprived of it.

The 2022 vintage of

The 2022 vintage of the Apple Watch would have three models, including a very sporty one


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