Iris Mittenaere comes close to drama in Greece, her companion Diego in shock

Greece is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers during the summer. Its turquoise waters, its whitewashed houses and the welcome of the locals… The country and its islands are the stuff of dreams when Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui set sail for the Cyclades. The couple, still just as in love, savor their heavenly stay by revealing photos and videos of their getaways and their romantic moments far away from the hassle of everyday life and the bustle of the capital. But their stay almost turned into a tragedy.

On his Instagram account, Diego El Glaoui shared photos of a boat trip after which the lovebirds went to the restaurant. A good moment which unfortunately ended in a big scare. As the entrepreneur indicated in his Instagram story (see slideshow), they lived “an unlikely story that could have ended badly.

We sailed at night. Total darkness as no moon tonight. I was sailing with instruments only, between the island of Santorini and the island of Ios, with a visibility of zero meters. I see at the last moment in my peripheral vision like a huge white thing that rushes above us in a converging trajectory, revealed by my starboard light. A HUGE GULL.“The Animal”was flying in total darkness at the same speed“than them, to”about 45km per hourand nearly crashed into the former beauty queen.

He almost hit Iris head-on! He finally just touched her (light contact but it’s still impressive) in a last second avoidance maneuver. Improbable and surprising. In short, more fear than harm for him as for us” he concluded. A hell of a fright that could have ruined their vacation if the ex-Miss France had ended up in the hospital. So everything is back to normal. Iris Mittenaere will be able to continue to reveal her body of dreams in a bikini to the delight of its subscribers… And its darling Diego El Glaoui!

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