iPhones banned from sale, Apple has a big problem in this country

News hardware iPhones banned from sale, Apple has a big problem in this country

While the release of the iPhone 14 is scheduled for sale on Friday, September 16, in a few days, Apple is facing a sales ban in a Latin American country. The reasons for the sanction should not surprise you.

After a wave of pre-orders launched last Friday, Apple to start shipping iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max from September 16. People who have pre-ordered one of these three models should therefore receive their purchase next Friday, while iPhone 14 Plus fans will have to wait another week.

However, there is one country in which the new iPhones will not be available on September 16: it is the Brazil. The low, the government itself took the decision to ban the sale of the iPhone 14 throughout the territory.

Brazil deprived of iPhone 14

It was the Brazilian Ministry of Justice which communicated the information several days ago. The reason given for banning the sale of the various iPhone 14s in the country is relatively simple: it is the absence of a mains charger in the smartphone box.

Apple can’t really act surprised sincealready in 2020, Brazil blocked the sale of the iPhone 12 for exactly the same reason. At the time, Apple had tried to circumvent this restriction and had been fineda fine of 10.5 million Brazilian reals, the equivalent of 1.9 million euros. The American company then gave in by adding a charger to the boxes of its devices in certain regions of Brazil.

This time, the Brazilian government threatens Apple with a fine of 12 million reals (2.3 million euros) per day during which the firm will seek to go against this ban by still selling the iPhone 14 in the country. It should be noted that this salty fine will only be applied if Apple does not play the game.

Apple, follower of minimalism since 2020

Although Brazil is not one of its most strategic markets, it is possible that Apple gives in to the government to sell its iPhone 14 in the territory. For the time being, the company has not communicated on the subject.

Apple’s decision to no longer include a charger in the box of its iPhones dates back to 2020. One of the reasons mentioned is ecological. : not only is it expensive to produce this accessory, but it also requires a larger box for the iPhone. Economically, the equation is also interesting for Apple which has not lowered the price of its devices.

In France, the manufacturer was forced until the beginning of 2022 to provide wired headphones with all of its iPhones. But the law associated with this obligation has been repealed and now Apple smartphones are sold in their simplest form, without accessories, including in France.

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