iPhone: the very first Apple smartphone sold at auction!

The very first model of iPhone from the Apple brand sold at auction! We give you more details on this historic sale.

15 years after its release! the very first iPhone model just sold at auction. MCE TV gives you more details.

An iPhone, first generation

While the Apple firm is preparing the release with great fanfare of its new iPhone 14, it is its ancestor that is causing a lot of ink to flow. In effect, while waiting for the launch of the next range smartphone from Apple, the brand has auctioned off the very first phone model.

The auction took place in the United States. It has also brought together big fans of the brand. Apple’s very first iPhone has found a buyer for the sum of 350,500 dollars! Just that.

Auctions for this iPhone were set up by RR Auction. The company sold to the highest bidder first smartphone model from Apple.

As a reminder, when it was released, the Apple model cost $499 for the 4GB model. As for the one with 8 GB, it was available for sale for 599 dollars.

The iPhone that was sold was never opened. It was launched in the United States in 2007 by Steve Jobs himself! Just that.

It also has a 2 megapixel camera and a voice and visual messaging function! Eh yes.

This iPhone found its new owner at more than 350,000 dollars also has a touch interface with an MP3 player. Its user also benefits from access to a web browser. As well as a storage capacity of up to 8 GB.

iPhone: the very first Apple smartphone sold at auction!

A historic model

Apple’s first iPhone changed the course of history. And it is indisputable! Besides, two other products of the brand were part of the auction.

This is an original circuit board that comes from the apple brand computer. His particuliarity ? This is Stephen Wozniak who welded it himself by hand. Who is none other than the co-founder of Apple.

This one has found a taker for the sum of 67,700 dollars. Just that ! Which is about 250,450 euros!

Apple’s second auctioned product is the very first iPod model! Launched in 2001, the Apple brand’s small digital music player was a great success.

He found his new owner for the sum of 350,500 dollars. Like the very first iPhone. It is not for nothing that the iPhone has come to this sum.

Indeed, the very first generation of Apple smartphones paved the way for what are now recognized as the most famous phone models in the world.

Over the years, Apple has managed to establish itself in the market. The Apple firm is now in its 14th generation of iPhone. Just that !

Although the price of this auction is impressive, it does not beat the record known to date. Indeed, among the rarest and unopened gadgets, we find the famous Super Mario video game 64.

The game cartridge therefore found a buyer in July 2021 for the sum of 1.156 million dollars! Just that.

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