iPhone SE: Apple’s locomotive

According to a new analysis, it was the iPhone SE 5G (2022) that sold very well in the second quarter. Apple has the second market share in smartphones in Europe over this period.

The quarterly study of Counterpoint Research, gives us some information concerning shipments of smartphones in Europe over the last three months. The general trend in shipments is down. It would thus be 40.3 million units that would have been sold between April and June 2022. This corresponds to the lowest total since the second quarter of 2020.

In this more than gloomy context, however, Samsung and Apple managed to increase their levels of shipments and their market share. Samsung still remains the leader with a market share of 32%, up from 27% in Q2 2021. On the Apple side, it is the iPhone SE 5G, released in March this year, which allows the firm of Cupertino to increase shipments and market share year over year.

Credit: Counterpoint Research Quarterly Market Monitor, Q2 2022.

iPhone SE headlining

Here is the podium, Samsung in first position (32%), Apple then takes the second position (24%) and finally Xiaomi (19%) completes the podium. As explained in the previous paragraph, it is the most affordable iPhone price level that allows Apple to be so high in the rankings in Europe.

Credit: Counterpoint Research Quarterly Market Monitor, Q2 2022.

It is important to mention, however, that Q2 is rarely the most lucrative quarter for Apple. Q3, which includes September, should be a little more lucrative. Indeed, it is during this third quarter that the next keynote will take place and the start of the sale of the iPhone 14. And we are not even talking about Q4 which also includes the release of the new iPhone and the Christmas holidays. end of the year.

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