iPhone: Apple will authorize the deletion of this flagship application!

If you have an iPhone, this article should interest you. According to the latest news, a flagship cellular application will disappear!

If you have a iPhone, Beware… Coming Soon an application of your phone will disappear. You have been warned. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Apple has seen better days

To date, thousands of you have fallen for Apple products. It must be said that you have also spoiled for choice when it comes to products.

Over the years, the famous firm has also become essential in its field. Thus, everything is done to undermine its biggest competitors.

Tim Cook who is at the head of the group constantly sees things big. Mouloud Achour has also made a few confessions about him.

“It started in Paris. Three years ago… Where we had dinner together. The conversation had been exciting. And we wanted to extend it. (…)”, confessed the sidekick of Vincent Cassel.

But also : ” I am firmly convinced that the more technology advances… Plus privacy will be one of humanity’s most valuable assets. It was important to discuss this subject with him. I was fascinated by Tim Cook before. And even more after. He has great power. So big responsibilities. The human interest interested me above all”.

Unfortunately for him the GESTE wants to do battle with Apple. As a reminder, the group is focused on content publishers and online services. According to him, the famous company does not play the game!

The GESTE and its members are at the forefront of several initiatives and fights for a more balanced functioning. And fair to digital world in France. And in Europe, has also entrusted Bertrand Gué the president of the association for Le Figaro. A legal tussle is therefore likely to be enacted to resolve the dispute.

An application will soon disappear to everyone’s surprise

A wind of novelties will blow on the iPhone. Apple has decided to strike with its new system mobile operating.

The little gem should see the light of day next September. He will buckle thus the presentation of the iPhone 14.

So the latest news, the beta test versions have been posted on the new models. And that’s not all !

The Macrumors and 9to5mac teams have also updated honor key information! Obviously the upcoming model of the operating system, you will be able to uninstall the Wallet application. (Maps editor’s note).

As a reminder, all iPhones are equipped with the latter. The app stores the tickets and bank cards.

But also loyalty cards or other digital keys. Until today you could not display it on your home screen.

However, the application remained installed. She was even accessible with a click. Practice !

As you can see, Apple has therefore decided to backtrack on it. However, the group could retract.

Moreover, Apple relies heavily on the feelings of its consumers. His priority is to retain them.

It will therefore be necessary to wait a few days to discover the final version offered on the iPhone. To be continued !

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