iPhone 14: Apple wants to diversify its production sites

In a press release, published on Tuesday August 23, Apple announced that it was turning to India for the manufacture of its future iPhone 14.

Indian supremacy

In order to diversify its production sites, Apple preferred India for the manufacture of its new smartphone, theiPhone 14. The brand announced the news on Tuesday August 23 in a press release. According to the American giant, this decision was made in order to“mitigating geopolitical risks on supply efficiency by creating production sites outside of China”. The Indian state shows that it is closing its technological gap with China, wrote the major daily Times of India Quoted by franceinfo. To counterbalance the productive capacity of China, Apple will also have to turn to other countries. The assembly of iPad tablets, Macbooks and or iWatch watches should, for example, be carried out in Vietnam and Mexico.

The impacts of the pandemic

This choice of diversification is also explained by a desire to Apple to depend less on the Chinese giant, and in order to wipe off the losses suffered during the pandemic. With its zero Covid-19 policy, China has introduced drastic measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. According to the American firm, the impact of the implementation of these devices on production is estimated at at least eight billion euros.

The first smartphones expected soon

The apple brand also took into consideration the growing tensions between the United States and China. By order of Beijing, Apple was recently obliged to ask its subcontractors established in Taiwan to label their products intended for China with the mention “made in China”. For its part, the autonomous island, of which Beijing claims sovereignty, requests that these devices bear the mention “made in Taiwan”. Foxconn, Apple’s Taiwan-based supplier, conducted the assembly assessment of the iPhone 14 at its factory on the outskirts of the city of Chennai in southern India. The first smartphones should see the light of day at the end of October or next November.

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