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iPhone 14: Apple offers to pay for its precious smartphone…in 24 instalments

At the height of summer, the news had passed under the radar but with the announcement on Wednesday evening of the new iPhone 14s, none of which cost less than 1000 euros, it could well attract the attention of the barge.

Apple has entered into a partnership with Alma, a young French company, to offer installment payments for all its devices, including its flagship product, the iPhone.

The offer, free of charge a priori, is limited to Apple Stores and online orders on the official website. You must choose the option “Spread payment” at the end of the order. “Configure your payments free of charge online via Alma and quickly receive a response”, enjoins Apple, which specifies that it is still necessary to make a financing file (with potential processing fees).

An alternative to operator offers

Only the iPhone benefits from the spread over 24 months because the monthly payment for an iPad, Apple Watch or MacBooks is limited to 12 months. The iPhone 14, the most affordable of its generation in 128 GB, thus costs €42.45 per month for 24 months (1018.8 euros) for a sale price of €1019. The iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB) at €55.37 per month for 24 months (1328.88 euros) or €1329.

Until now, the purchase of a smartphone in several months involved going through an operator who required a renewal of the package, often more expensive, to sell “an iPhone for 1 euro”. This camouflaged consumer credit makes the phone come back at a higher price than a one-time dry purchase.

If the iPhone, at least its newer models, becomes a luxury item, it remains a reliable device for several years and retains resale value even after a while, which few products can boast. But at the end of the maximum split payment, two new generations will have already replaced the purchased iPhone.

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