iPhone 14: Apple launches an iOS update to correct a problem!

Good news, Apple has just released an update to fix a bug on the iPhone 14.

Good news for happy iPhone owners! Apple has just rolled out an iOS update to fix a major issue. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

State-of-the-art iPhone

Last year, Apple hit hard by unveiling a brand new iPhone. A smartphone that seems to bring together all the necessary elements for optimal use. Starting with a storage capacity never used before.

If the basic version is able to store up to 128 GB of data, it would seem that the pro and pro max models are, for their part, much more powerful.

In fact, these can hold up to 1 TB of files. This is unheard of in the world of mobile telephony. But that’s not all ! Far from wanting to bet everything on an extraordinary memory, Apple also wanted to make its latest iPhone more resistant.

Thus, the contours of the phone are made of stainless steel or aluminum depending on the model chosen. In addition, a major innovation has also emerged in the True Depth camera.

This is a special notch put in place for the one and only purpose of protect Face ID tool in the event of a fall. A significant little extra that has not failed to win unanimous support from users.

But while this novelty had made the buzz when the phone was released, Apple made the decision to change things again. Now Face ID should be directly integrated into the mobile screen. And this, in order to get as close as possible to Steve Jobs’ vision of his iPhone. MCE TV tells you more!

iPhone 14: Apple launches an iOS update to correct a problem!

New iOS update available

As you will have understood, the latest iPhone did not fail to cause a sensation. But while it was already at the top, Apple hit even harder by unveiling a brand new model in September.

Lack of luck, the editorial staff does not intend to praise the merits of this 14th baby. Our goal remains to tell you about the latest iOS update. Update launched to correct an issue.

According to the latest information posted by Fredzone, many users had struggling to set up their iPhone 14.

“This problem would occur when there is a attempt to activate a device on a WI-FI network which is open. But good news, Apple quickly provided a solution. It comes in the form of an iOS 16.0.1″ update.reports the site.

Do not panic ! The problem should now no longer exist. Moreover, the new improvements should also land soon.

A battery indicator and in particular emerged on certain models. A change that should make all the difference. In any case, one thing is certain, it is thatApple takes care for iPhone users.

It remains to be seen what the Cupertino company still plans to make the latter happy.

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