iPhone 14: Apple is already planning better sales than the iPhone 13!

The apple firm is confident for the release of its iPhone 14 and is planning better sales than for the iPhone 13! We tell you everything.

Apple very optimistic! The American company predicts better sales for his iPhone 14. MCE TV gives you more details.

The iPhone 14 soon to be unveiled

Two more months to wait before discovering the new Apple iPhone 14. Indeed, the firm has made an appointment with its customers on September 13, 2022 to discover its new smartphone.

The traditional back-to-school keynote is therefore eagerly awaited. And the star of it will undoubtedly be the new iPhone 14.

If the smartphone market seems to be in recession at the moment, the American firm remains very confident. Indeed, the company at the apple is for the moment more spared than its competitors.

Apple does not seem at all worried about the success of its future smartphone. Indeed, the American group even shows itself very optimistic for the future of the iPhone 14!

According to sources from some Chinese media, the firm has also started trial production of its next iPhone. You should know that this is the last step before the launch of mass production.

Thus, mass production would be scheduled for next August. And Apple should launch its products for the month of September as it usually does.

On another side, the American firm think that its new iPhone 14 will be very successful. Thus, it would have warned its suppliers to plan a large volume of production. Stating in passing that she even expects a much larger volume than for her latest smartphone, the iPhone 13.

Apple very optimistic

Apple would therefore have warned its suppliers to plan a large production of its iPhone 14. Despite the current situation, the firm is therefore very confident about the success of its new model.

Apple does not seem affected by the drop in purchasing power nor inflation. At least much less than its competitors. Indeed, Apple customers are not necessarily the most affected by what is happening at the moment.

The iPhone 13 had nevertheless met with great success. Sales were always good in the spring. Whereas customers usually wait to discover the next model at that time.

But all is not all rosy at Apple. The firm is indeed experiencing a small production problem for its iPhone 14 Max.

The brand new model from Apple has the same characteristics as the classic model. But the Max range also has a 6.7-inch screen. And it’s because of that production would be delayed.

Thus, the iPhone 14 Max could arrive a little later on the market. Indeed, Apple could even predict up to a few weeks delay.

While Apple is still in conflict with BOE, the company has even called on its services for its high demand for tiles. Before, Samsung Display and LG Display supplied them.

After doubting the success of his new iPhone 14, the firm therefore finally has more hope. But Apple still doesn’t expect to sell more iPhones than in 2021. See you in September to discover the new iPhone! Case to follow.

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