iPhone 14, Airpods Pro 2: the projects planned by Apple by 2023!

Fans have been waiting for them since last November: from the iPhone 14 to the Airpods Pro 2, Apple is preparing lots of new features for 2023!

By 2023, Apple will not be unemployed! While fans are waiting for the September Keynote to discover the iPhone 14, other products will also line the shelves of Apple Stores. MCETV makes you a small inventory of the novelties!

Novelties galore

Starting with the brand’s first VR headset! Announced for several years, this helmet is one of the great advances of Apple. The apple mark waited a long time to succeed in making a real helmetvery competitive.

And if he hasn’t completely leaked yet, the first helmet is already beginning to take shape. This will serve as a goal for Apple fans who will no doubt have to wait until 2023 to buy the first headphones. In the meantime, they will have been able to change their iPhone!

Because the flagship of the brand is beginning to take shape. We could even put the sentence in the plural, because version 14 of the smartphone will split into two. A part will indeed have the same chips as for its predecessor.

In effect, only the pro ranges will be entitled to the new A16 chip ! The September Keynote should thus mark the history of Apple. Because the iPhone will take two different roads: one, full of innovations. And the other, better, but not so different from its ancestor.

When announcing this smartphone, Apple should thus show a real split in its range. After having relaunched its SE range with two releases in two years, so there should be three ranges of phones. A first in its history.

Between 2022 and 2023, the apple brand should experience a lot of important moments. Because there should be innovations in all the ranges released. New Apple Watch should soon see the light of day.

The iPhone… among others

After the iPhone, divided into two ranges and four versions, come the connected watches. For once, the brand will offer three adapted versions to the needs of the fans. One of which should appeal to a certain party.

Because Apple relies on its SE range. After the growing success of its phones, the brand is thus betting on an Apple Watch SE! A concentrate of the best of all the brand’s outdated or unusable components.

Indeed, as its ranges improve, Apple must abandon certain parts. As for the iPhone, she therefore decides to recover these parts. And to use them, it therefore creates an entry-level watchless expensive.

And which should bring new customers for this connected watch. A real novelty which makes Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, say that it is one of the brand’s most prolific periods. That is to say !

Last novelty, which remains at the level of rumor, but very insistent, the AirPods pro. A second version of Apple’s wireless headphones should see the light of day between September 2022 and May 2023. It remains to be seen what new features will be presented…

An iPad, new MacBooks also seem to be in the pipeline. It could therefore be that the Keynote for next September shows a total renewal of Apple Store stocks for the year 2023!

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