iPhone 12: Chris Evans finds that Apple’s phone is too heavy!

Chris Evans has just bought an iPhone 12. But the smartphone does not totally enchant him, in particular because of its weight!

Chris Evans is a fan of the Apple brand. And he recently swapped his iPhone 6s for the iPhone 12. Problem, the Marvel actor finds his weight excessive! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Chris Evans is not a fan of the iPhone 12?

Featured in the latest Netflix production “The Gray Man”alongside Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans continues his career on the hats.

The “Captain America” actor loved slipping into this new role. “Playing a bad guy is always very fun, very liberating”he recently explained to our colleagues from Melty.

The actor therefore has everything to be happy. Well, almost… Because recently, he dropped his defective iPhone 6s against an iPhone 12. And this one leaves him a little perplexed…

Indeed, the 41-year-old actor is totally a fan of Apple. He obviously swears by smartphones from the Apple brand. Especially the iPhone 6s, to which despite everything, he found some flaws !

But that’s nothing compared to the faults of the iPhone 12, again according to Chris Evans. Indeed, very recently, he decided to buy the phone. But it obviously does not meet all of his expectations.

Indeed, in an interview given to Collider, the actor of “Not Another Teen Movie”, unrolled everything he did not like about iPhone 12. “I feel like my new phone is too heavy”he said.

“I know it makes me the oldest dinosaur in the world, but when I hold it, I use my little finger to hold it. And it seems too heavyhe insisted!

There’s something else Chris Evans may miss about his old iPhone 6s: home button ! Because yes, his new smartphone is deprived of this function, which is very useful in his eyes.

iPhone 12 Chris Evans thinks Apple’s phone is too heavy!

The price of the iPhone 12 in free fall!

Knowing this, the actor’s fans then advised him to buy the iPhone SE instead. A phone that has the famous “Home” button with Touch ID.

“I got a thousand messages saying, Take the SE! “, confided the actor of Marvel. “And I was like, no, I don’t want to, i want iphone 6. I want something from before that works until it doesn’t anymore”.

Chris Evans will still have to get used to it. Especially since at the start of the school year, Apple is preparing to take out iphone 14 which will most certainly know a nice commercial success.

In the meantime, if the actor does not want to break the bank, he can find a copy of the iPhone 12 during his next stay in France. Indeed, Apple has decided to sell refurbished copiesand therefore cheaper to buy!

Currently, sales also benefit smartphone fans. Indeed, on the Rakuten site, the iPhone 12 Black 64 GB sees its price sacrificed. Sold at €699it’s a golden opportunity to own this jewel of technology without breaking the bank.

With its A14 Bionic chip, its “Ceramic Shield” screen and its dual camera with a 12-megapixel main sensor, this smartphone has it all. Even to Chris Evans!

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