iPad 10: new for the different sensors of the new Apple tablet

News hardware iPad 10: new for the different sensors of the new Apple tablet

Apple could make the iPad 10 official sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022, just weeks after its next-generation iPhone. The touch pad continues to be talked about through a new rumor.

The iPad 10 should be unveiled by Apple by the end of the year, but we don’t really know when. Some hallway noises evoke an announcement at the same time as the generation of iPhone 14, while others, more recent, suggest thatApple is reportedly planning another event for Octoberand that it is on the occasion of this that the tablet will be formalized.

The fact isApple is experiencing some production issues for the iPad 10, due to current power restrictions in China. The province of Sichuan is particularly affected and the situation has not yet returned to normal in the factories which assemble the new tablet of the company. For the moment, Apple does not seem to have any intention of changing its plans regarding the release of its iPad 10, which could bring interesting novelties compared to previous models.

iPad 10, a small revolution?

The ‘base’ iPad hasn’t seen a major change in nearly a decade : it is the cheapest model offered by Apple, who probably felt that it was very good like that and that its good value for money was enough. Only, the Cupertino company seems to have changed its mind for this new generation.

The iPad 10 could therefore change the situation somewhat. First of all, a persistent rumor evokes for many months the passage of this model to USB-Ca connection that Apple must adopt willy-nilly under pressure from the European Union.

Then, recent 3D renderings of the tablet, supposed to be used by accessory manufacturers, highlight that the 3.5 mm headphone jack would disappear on the iPad 10. Bad news for those who like to plug headphones into their tablet.

A more discreet Touch ID button

The website MacOtakara also points out that the 3D rendering of the tablet reveals an upcoming change to Touch ID. In effect, this unlocking feature would change place on the iPad 10 to be located on the ignition button, located on the upper edge of the device. This is already the case on the iPad 6 mini and on the latest iPad Air, so this proposal would make sense.

iPad 10: new for the different sensors of the new Apple tablet

Otherwise, the FaceTime camera would also change places on the iPad 10: it would no longer be centered, but positioned on the right side of the screen. Why such a choice ? If the front sensors of iPads today are optimized for use in portrait mode, moving the sensor of the iPad 10 to the right would allow better use in landscape mode. Something to upset the habits of users somewhat, but we know that Apple is used to dictating the rules regarding how to best exploit the potential of its products.

All these rumors are, as usual, to be taken with a grain of salt, pending a concrete formalization of the iPad 10, probably in the months to come.

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