iOS 16: the Fitness app can finally be used without Apple Watch

Sports users of the Apple Watch are familiar with the Form application on the iPhone, which allows them to follow their activity (itself transcribed from their watch via the Exercise app). Until now, the latter only worked with the Apple smartwatch; but thanks to iOS 16, Apple wants to strengthen activity tracking and make the application more open, including to those who do not have an Apple Watch.

Indeed, it will now be possible to follow one’s physical activity using the iPhone’s integrated motion sensors and find it in Form. Currently, it is quite possible to track a lot of data via the Health app, such as the number of steps, the distance traveled, energy at rest or in activity. You can even use another smartwatch (like a simple Fitbit) via a third-party app (like Power Sync for Fitbit) that allows you to write to Health (these are often paid for).

This modification will allow a more active behavior of the user. He can set a daily travel goal and check his progress towards achieving it. However, it will not be possible to access Fitness+ content.

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