iOS 16 might let you remove Apple Maps if you want

Clues discovered in the code of the first iPadOS 16.1 developer beta suggest that Apple will soon allow the Maps app to be removed from its iPhone. This new feature would arrive soon with the final version of iOS 16.1.

The screen of the iPhone 13 Pro, with the Apple Maps application // Source: Brandon Lopes – Frandroid

Don’t like Apple Maps and want to get rid of it on your iPhone? Well rejoice, it should soon be possible. If we are to believe relatively explicit clues contained in the first developer beta of iPadOS 16.1, Apple is preparing the ground to allow users to remove, if they want, the Maps application which is installed by default on the iPad. iPhone.

Steve Moser, contributor for MacRumors, indeed shared on Twitter screenshots of elements discovered in iPadOS 16.1. These are the outlines of dialog boxes. They will be displayed by the OS if Apple Maps is deleted. In particular, there is the mention “WALLET_UNINSTALLED”, followed by the various options offered to the user if he has previously deleted the Apple Maps application from his device. The opportunity to discover that we can (and it would be logical) reinstall Apple Maps from the App Store if necessary.

Apple Map, an application that we could soon uninstall and reinstall at will?

Note that these clues are contained in a beta dedicated to developers. So it’s entirely possible that Apple will ultimately choose not to adopt the delete option for the Apple Maps app. That being said, leaving this possibility to the user from the first versions of iOS 16 would make sense for the Cupertino company. It would indeed show regulators a sign of goodwill, while the predominant place of Apple Cards and especially Apple Pay in the Apple ecosystem is often pointed out.

iOS 16.1 Beta 1 (technically iPadOS 16.1 b1) changes 🧵: The Apple Wallet app will be deleteable in the future. Also Apple is working on a new charging option with the acronym of CEC.

—Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) August 23, 2022

As a reminder, a large part of the iPadOS code is common with that of iOS. The novelties discovered in the code of the first will therefore probably also concern the second, a fortiori in this case since Apple Maps is not available on iPad. Note in parallel that Apple would have already completed the development of iOS 16.0. The Release Candidate (RC) version of the system should materialize in one to two weeks, estimates XDA Developerswhich suggests that iOS 16.1 will arrive in beta 1 sometime in September.

We should then discover the same clues as those contained now in iPadOS 16.1. It remains to be seen whether this new feature for Apple Maps will indeed be adopted in the final version of iOS 16.1.

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