Internet users disappointed by discovering the identity of the 5th judge

This Tuesday, September 20, Internet users were disappointed by the identity of the fifth investigator in “Mask Singer”. TF1 screen capture

This Tuesday, September 20, TF1 broadcast the fifth bonus of “Mask Singer”, which included many new features. While the candidates still in the running performed as a duo, the four judges also had the right to outside help. But before this personality joins the investigators, the latter had to discover his identity… And by recognizing the actor in the costume of the Viking, Internet users shared their disappointment.

Season 4 of “Mask Singer” has made a comeback on TF1. If Camille Combal is still at the helm of this completely crazy and musical show, the jury has changed somewhat. Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc as well as Vitaa have joined Kev Adams and have the heavy task of discovering which celebrities are hiding under the costumes. This year again, the latter are dazzling, and the first channel has also bet on international stars to create the buzz. If during season 3, the presence of Teri Hatcher had shocked Internet users, for this fourth season, the production has set the bar very high. David Hasselhoff hid under the Cobra, bringing many viewers back to childhood.

Discover the portrait of Kev Adams:

This Tuesday, September 20, six candidates were still in competition at the start of the evening. Suffice to say that Internet users have put on their investigator costumes to try to unmask these ultimate masked characters. And for the first time in the competition, the celebrities performed in duos… Either they qualified for the quarter-finals in pairs, or they lost in pairs. Suffice to say that the tensions were electric on the set of “Mask Singer”. In addition, the four judges had the right to outside help… But before this star came to their rescue, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc, Vitaa and Kev Adams had to discover his identity using a few clues . Which was no small feat, at least for the 74-year-old actress … But as Internet users have so well recognized, the Viking was actually a star who has already participated in this season 4 of “Mask Singer”.

“He needs money?”

Jeff Panacloc, Kev Adams and Vitaa were unanimous and quickly discovered which personality was going to become their ally for this new show where the destinies of the candidates were linked. Unsurprisingly, it was indeed Francis Huster…. If the four judges were delighted, Internet users were much more mixed about the return of the actor. Some were disappointed because they were hoping for someone they hadn’t seen on the show yet. Meanwhile, others speculated that Francis Huster “needed the money” to return to “Mask Singer” once again. In any case, the fact that TF1 “recycles” its stars did not convince all Twitter subscribers.

“I am so happy”

As we know, all tastes are in nature, and fortunately. Although the presence of Francis Huster as the fifth investigator was not unanimous, some Internet users expressed their joy on the blue bird social network. The actor is an icon in the world of cinema and Twittos were delighted by the choice of production, and above all, to discover another facet of his personality.

One thing is certain, it is that Francis Huster brought valuable advice to the four judges of “Mask Singer”. His presence brought a breath of fresh air and new ideas to Kev Adams, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Vitaa.

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